Sports Club


How to Join Dave Sheer Guns Practical Sport Shooting Club


Bramley -  Club Shoots Wednesday 12:00 - 19:00 (3 Handgun Shoots & 1 Rifle/Shotgun Shoots Hosted a Month



Let's start with the Occasional Club;

  • A letter stating you are part of our club which enables you to apply for a second handgun or a pump-action/ over & under/ side By side shotgun under Section (occasional) 15 licenses.
  • R1,000.00 Incl VAT for one-year membership including free range use for the first hour . During club shoots you will be charged a small entry fee. Guests are charged range fees during working hours and are required to purchase targets separately.

Now the dedicated club:


  • Please note every 1st of January your membership will automatically expire as your points get reset according to the SAPS procedures. The club is obligated to report any lapsed memberships. No test needs to be done again once renewing but a new log book will need to be purchased if lost/misplaced or full.
  • Free range use for one year for the first hour however on the day of an event you be will be charged a small entry fee. Guests are charged for, as are extra targets. Further benefits may be announced in the future. If you would like a Sport Shooting T-shirt, please note that it is an additional fee on top of the Joining/Renewal fee.
  • R5.00 off each box of range ammunition that you purchase during that year.
  • 5% discounts on selected items (This does not apply to any item that is on special and applies to selected firearms only) enquire for more details on which firearms are covered.
  • Dedicated status does not have ammunition qty. limits & allows for the purchase and licensing of arms such as an AR15, Semi-Auto Shotgun etc.
  • Free firearm uses for members who would like to use our range firearms provided you possess a Competency Certificate. These include an AK47, AR15, Pistols etc. Ammo charges apply.
  • Discounts at the Bond Café and the Hunting & Tactical Clothing shop, club card must be shown & valid

How do I get my dedicated status?

  • When you sign up, you need to bring a copy of your ID.
  • You will receive a rule book which must be completed (Open Book Exam) at home within in 30 days’ time for us to apply for future endorsements.
  • At the same time you will receive a Log book which must be signed and stamped before leaving an event or range that you have practiced at. Only official range stamps are accepted.
  • Shot targets will be kept and filed as proof in your portfolio. Once you have achieved your points you do not need to submit any more targets but do continue to get your log book stamped and signed off.

How does the point system work?

  • You need 20 points a year to obtain your dedicated status.
    • If you go to any shooting range just to practice, you will receive 2 points with minimum fired rounds of 50 that you have to shoot to qualify for these points.
    • If you go to our shooting range and shoot under the supervision of our Accredited Range Officer with minimum fired rounds of 100 you will qualify for 5 points.
    • If you go to any club shoot that Dave Sheer Guns hosts, you will obtain 5 Points.
    • You may only qualify for points daily and not hourly.
    • Remember to make sure your Log Book is signed by the range officer.

I have now qualified for dedicated status how do I get my endorsement letter?

  • Once you have obtained the 20 points, you will have to bring your log book to our facilities where an endorsement form will be filled in for the firearm you wish to license, with a report of all your shooting activities. This will only be submitted to ITFA once a week due to the back log of requests.
  • Once this has been completed, the Endorsement form will be submitted to IFTA and once this has been approved and received, you will receive a notification that your Endorsement Letter/Certificate is ready for collection. (up to 14 working days for the letter to be issued Via IFTA, no exceptions).


Please visit our Facebook pages to find the stage set ups before the event, once you have joined the club, you will be added to the Whatsapp group (provided you have given your Whatsapp Number) to receive notifications for Documents that are ready for collection, club events, results and news of the club.


Lastly, please note that all portfolio files and documents not collected by the end of the current year will be archived.