We have some exciting changes for 2021!! 

After carful consideration we have looked over all the different associations and what they have to offer and felt this was the best option to assist you with gaining your Dedicated Status. 

Choose a DSG Club Membership Package: https://www.davesheer.com/dsg-shooting-club/?sort=priceasc 

Step 1: Choose a DSG Club Membership package

Step 2: Join NHSA  NHSA fees: Current Membership fees -  R380.00 (Vat included) - membership for 12 months;  First time Enrolment = R380.00 + R230.00 enrolment fee = R610.00 (VAT included).  Following year renewal fee is only R380 (NHSA)   

Please see below club membership fees and what it entails.   

Please note this does not include the dedicated status fee. 

You may join NHSA directly for your acquired points. 

https://natshoot.co.za/   Once you have joined them, you will have to complete an open and closed book exam that will not take more then 60 minutes (All Online)



Non member R150
ITA members - R50
DSG Silver member R100
DSG Gold Member R50
DSG V.I.P Black Member - FREE


Please visit our Facebook pages to find the stage set ups before the event, once you have joined the club, you will be added to the Whatsapp group (provided you have given your Whatsapp Number) to receive notifications for Documents that are ready for collection, club events, results and news of the club.


Lastly, please note that all portfolio files and documents not collected by the end of the current year will be archived.