Beretta PX4 FDE .45 ACP Kit + 3 Mags

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Product Description

  • 1. Ambidextrous Safety


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    2. Automatic Firing Pin Block

    Extra safety: the automatic firing pin block offers you an extra layer of safety in a handgun that is built to be used and abused.

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    3. Commander-Style Hammer

    Besides offering a custom look, the Commander-style hammer gives you a softer hammer-drop, meaning more accuracy.

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    4. Drop-Free Magazine

    Tactical magazine-exchanges with the PX4 are easy and lightning-fast. When you operate the magazine-release, the magazine falls free and does not require the use of the off-hand

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    5. Extended Barrell

    The extended barrel makes it possible to attach approved tactical devices. (N.B. It comes non-threaded out of the box.)

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    6. Non-Reflective Black Bruniton

    The Beretta Bruniton finish has two main advantages: it is non-reflective, and it is highly resistant to the elements as well as sand, powder and dirt--making it comparable in performance to stainless steel.

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    7. Picatinny Rail

    The built-in Picatinny rail makes it easy to complement the PX4 with a variety of tactical accessories such as lighting devices, with no gunsmithing required.

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    8. Reversible Magazine Release

    Most controls on the PX4 are reversible or ambidextrous, making it possible to train or shoot right- or left-handed.

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    9. Simple Disassembly Latch

    This tactical handgun is as easy to field-strip and disassemble without tools as it is safe and intuitive to operate.

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