ROGERTECH EVO 409UE Wireless Bluetooth Electronic Communication Hearing protection NATO U174-Wired Adaptor

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Product Description

Products Description
Military color match five colors optional
The earphone shell is made of dupont ABS, which is imported from the United States. It has high hardness, high impact resistance and is not easy to damage.
It has a certain thickness to protect the earphone from noise and it is light and easy to store.
The surface is sprayed with tactical matting paint that meets the environmental protection and safety production standards
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Automatic digital pickup
The left and right sides are equipped with sound picking up microphones, which can search for sound in an all-round way intelligently, restore and transmit the sound to the ear through speaker hi-fi, amplify the heard sound, and improve the environmental perception.
Latent pattern
The function of picking up sound is fully developed, which can improve the sensitivity to the environment, help to find the enemy and avoid the hidden danger Press the "+", "-" and the power button at the same time after opening the headset. Press the three keys together to adjust to the latent mode, and the headset will quickly enter the omni-directional pickup state

Shooting training

In shooting training, most of the noises made by guns during firing are over 100 dB, and those over 90 dB will cause damage to our ears. However, wearing our earphones can effectively prevent the harm of impulse noise to our ears

Exercise training

It is compatible with interphone or radio of all countries in service, and can receive all instructions from superiors anytime and anywhere during exercise and training

Armed police were on duty in the busy city

The noise reduction mode / transparency mode can be used to effectively distinguish the voices of team members and also to
understand the situation around you
The microphone
Wind and noise reduction removable support left and right assembly call distance should not exceed 2.5cm
Communication device link
Headset use of communication line joint models for TP - 120, U - 174 air plug, compatible with the current communication equipment from country to country.The user directly through headphones to receive radio or radio voice.For collocation PTT speak to pay attention to choose the right connector, if you don't know how to choose can contact online customer service consultation.
Ip-67 waterproof for military use
The earphones have been tested and proven to be ip-67 (1 meter underwater for 30 minutes) connectors or helmets must be paired and then submerged in water. If exposed to salt spray, they must be washed with clean water before being stored.


Fit ARC@military helmet track ear guard bracket


Fit exfil@military helmet track ear guard bracket

Hard Hat Mounted

The Hard Hat Mounted safety helmet is fitted with earmuffs
Product packaging
Size parameters
Headset folding size :Length 120* width 120 and height 107mm
Headset opening size:Length 130* width 110* height 180mm
The longest extension of the headband is 220mm
The longest extension of AUX line is 1000mm
The microphone is straightened to 145mm

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