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Dave Sheer Guns



Sports Club


How to Join Dave Sheer Guns Practical Sport Shooting Club


Did you know Dave Sheer Guns have two clubs? We have an Occasional Club and a Dedicated Club.


Let's start with the Occasional Club;


  • A letter stating you are part of our club which enables you to apply for a second handgun or a pump-action/ over & under/ side By side shotgun under Section (occasional) 15 licenses.
  • R1000 Incl VAT for one year membership including free range use. During social shoots you be will be charged a small entry fee. Guests are charged range fees during working hours and are required to purchase targets separately.
  • Free firearm rental for members who would like to use our range firearms provided you possess a Competency Certificate. These include an AK47, AR15, Pistols etc. Ammo charges apply.

Now the dedicated club:


  • Membership Fee for one year is R2000.00 Incl VAT (pro rata fee is charged during the course of the year) and the renewal fee will be the same amount,.
  • Please note every 1st of January your membership will automatically expire as your points get reset according to the SAPS procedures. The club is obligated to report any lapsed memberships. No test needs to be done again once renewing but a log book will need to be purchased.


  • Free range use for one year however on the day of an event you be will be charged a small entry fee. Guests are charged for, as are extra targets. Further benefits may be announced in the future.
  • R5.00 off each box of range ammunition that you purchase during that year.
  • 5% discount on selected items (This does not apply to any item that is on special and applies to selected firearms only) Enquire for more details on which firearms are covered.


  • Dedicated status does not have ammunition qty. limits & allows for the purchase and licensing of arms such as an AR15, Semi-Auto Shotgun etc.
  • Free firearm rental for members with the relevant competency certificates. Ammo charges apply.

How do I get my dedicated status?


  • When you sign up, you need to bring a copy of your ID.
  • You will receive a rule book which must be completed (Open Book Exam) at home within in 30 days time for us to apply for future endorsements.
  • At the same time you will receive a Log book which must be signed and stamped before leaving an event or range that you have practiced at. Only official range stamps are accepted.


  • Shot targets will be kept and filed as proof in your portfolio. Once you have achieved your points you do not need to submit any more but do get your log book stamped and signed off.

How does the point system work?

  • You need 20 points a year to obtain your dedicated status.


  • If you go to any shooting range just to practice, you will receive 2 points with minimum fired rounds of 50 that you have to shoot to qualify for these points. Remember to make sure your Log Book is signed by the range officer.
  • Dave Sheer Guns hosts a shooting event once a week on a Wednesday (14:00 – 20:00) which will enable you to obtain 5 points by shooting a minimum of 50 rounds


  • Once a month we host an Outdoor Shoot at Rooikraal Shooting Range, which you will be notified by our facebook page or on our website.


I have now qualified for dedicated status how do I get my endorsement letter?

  • Once you have obtained the 20 points, you will have to bring your log book to our facilities where an endorsement form will be filled in for the firearm you wish to license, with a report of all your shooting activities. This will only be submitted once a week due to the back log of requests.


  • Once this has been completed, the Endorsement form will be submitted to IFTA and once this has been approved you will receive a notification that your Endorsement Letter is ready for collection. (14 working days for the letter to be issued Via IFTA no exceptions)



Rules of the Club

Welcome to the club, we hope to accommodate you to the best of our skills as possible.

Once you have paid for your membership for the year you will receive a log book (to capture all your shoots) then a rule book with the open book exam. You will complete this test within 30 days’ time. Please make sure you hand in your ID document (Clear Copy) in order for us to get your Club Card and Confirmation letter and your open book exam for us to process any endorsements should you wish to apply in the near future. Renewal members does not need to do the exam again.

Now once you have joined the club you may start shooting straight away, during a practice run you may achieve 2 points with the minimum round count of 50 that you must ask for a target , then a club shoot you will achieve 5 points. There is one club shoot a week on a Wednesday night then once a month we have an outdoor shoot at Rooikraal Shooting Range on a Sunday (Details on our facebook. You also have the benefit of shooting at another range if you cannot make it to our range; these are the hours of our range:


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 08:00 – 16:30       Wednesday – 08:00 – 12:30 (Safety Course 13:00-14:00)  / Club Shoot – 14:00 – 20:00                 Sunday – Closed


For the beginners who has not attended a club shoot will have to attend a safety course first before attending, this happens on at 13:00 on the club event, should you pass the RO will then sign off your log book stating you passed and you may attend. Should you fail your safety course you will have to make another appointment? If you fail your safety during your club shoot you will be asked to do a safety evaluation again before attending which will be notified on your log book


These are the following that are not allowed in the club:


  • You may not sign up anyone but yourself, we would appreciate you referring us to anyone else who wishes to obtain their status, and the person who joins the club must sign up himself/herself.
  • You may only achieve your points daily not hourly with the correct round count.
  • You may practice on the range and shoot a club shoot afterwards, but you have the benefit of choosing which points you want on the day so you can choose your 2 points and not the 5 points or vice versa.
  • You may not attend a club shoot if you do not have the right equipment.
  • You may not shoot for another shooter to assist them getting their status, the shooter themselves must shoot and the person ONLY. Should you be found doing this, this is a criminal offense and you will be asked to leave the club and charges will be pressed.

Equipment Requirement.

  • Self Defense or Sport Shooting Firearm
  • Paddle holster and magazine pouch or sport holster ( No internal holster allowed)
  • Eyewear
  • Ear Protection
  • 2 Magazines are required but we recommend 3 Magazines for your firearm

During a club shoot these are the rules for attending:

  • Should you have a firearm with us that you have purchased that you would like to shoot please Whatsapp / SMS on 0826284856 with your firearm details or email on before 12:00 for us to pull out your firearm.
  • Please indicate if you need ammunition as ammunition is not kept on the range, you may refer to the contact details above.
  • Everything is payable in cash not Card
  • R50 payable for the entrance fee. You may not shoot if you have not paid for the entrance fee.
  • No firearms are allowed to be touched when entering the waiting and shooting area unless you are ready to shoot on the line.
  • Should you wish to clear or exchange your firearms around you may attend to the Safe Area that is outside the waiting area to clear your firearm or load once you have done shooting. Please note once you have cleared your firearm, it must either go in its holster or in your gun box. You will be asked to leave the range should you play with your firearm in the restricted areas.
  • You may only walk around with your firearm in your holster or gun box with no magazine in the firearm.

You would need to know the following before stepping onto the range:

You first have to sign in the range register .Eyewear and Eye protection (Earmuffs Only) must be worn at all times. Your 4 safety rules when you are on the line are as follows..

  • Shooter facing down range load and make ready - (depending on the course) you will draw your firearm facing down range with your finger off the trigger while loading the firearm to your carry condition.
  • Shooter ready - (depending on the course) you will rest your hands on the side or hand at surrender.
  • Stand By – you will wait for the timer to engage, then when it goes off you will engage on your targets accordingly.
  • When you are done shooting you will do the following:
    • You will bring the firearm towards your chest with your finger off the trigger and take the magazine out.
    • The RO will then shout the commands: Take your magazine out - You can either place the magazine in your magazine pouch with your firearm pointing to your target or drop your magazine on the floor (you will not move doing this exercise) or change weapon hand.
    • Show clear: You will show the RO the firearm is clear by racking the firearm twice on the right hand side.
    • Dry Fire: you will then dry fire your firearm pointing to your target.
    • Holster: you will then holster your firearm.

The RO will state to everyone the range is clear then everyone will go forward.

Everyone will patch up expect the RO and the shooter NO EXPECTIONS! Should you not patch (and it does not matter how many targets there are), everyone must make an effort or you will get a verbal warning and on the 2nd offence may be asked to leave! Your score sheets will be posted on our facebook page.

Once you have achieved your 20 points, you may walk in with your log book and ask to apply for your endorsement letter, you may speak to TJ Harmse (Chairperson) to assist you. Depending if all your paperwork is in order, your endorsement letter will be applied for on the Monday of the week (due to the large quantity of endorsements that are being applied for) which then take 14 working days for ITA to issue, we cannot bypass this to get it quicker as these are the standard rules, ).Please note you have until the end of October to apply for endorsement’s, after that you cannot apply for it as CFR states it takes 90 working days for a license to be issued, therefore your membership expires at the end of the year and your application may not be granted.

Please note every 1st of January your membership will automatically expire, you need to come and renew your membership with only paying the renewal fee and filling in the renewal form, you DO NOT have to do the test again however you have to purchase the log book to achieve your status.

Firearm Classes

Please note we do not use any SAPSA/SADPA system. Let’s start with the firearm classes, should your firearm have the following parts customized this will be your category: Should your firearm be part of the handicapped category a time of 6 seconds will be added to your total time




Standard: Out the factory box, Iron sights may be customized not exceeding 1cm.


Back Up: Out the factory box, sights may customized not exceeding 1 cm and the magazine capacity must not exceed 8 rounds.


Handicapped: Compensator, Red dot sight, Single Action Only or a magazine that exceeds 3cm away from your magazine well.


Power Factor (please note .22LR, 7.65mm ,6.35mm or 32 S&W are not allowed )


Minor: .380 Auto, 9mm Para, 38 SPL.               Major: 40 S&W, .45 Auto/ACP, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.




Standard: Out the factory box, Iron sights may be customized not exceeding 5.5 cm.


Handicapped: Compensator, Red dot sight, or a magazine that exceeds the 30 round limits.


Power Factor (please note .22LR are now allowed)


Minor: .223 Rem / 5.56mm.                         Major: 308 Win / 7.62x51 or 7.62x39.




Standard: Out the factory box, Iron sights may be customized not exceeding 0.5 cm.


Handicapped: Compensator, Red dot sight, or a tube that exceeds the 10 Round Limits.


Power Factor


Minor: .410 BR or 16 Gauge                           Major: 12BR


Scoring Methods - When the post states there will be a self defence shoot meaning the scoring will be based as Defence scoring, if the post states there be a sport shooting shoot meaning the scoring will be based as Sporting scoring.


Defence Scoring                         Sport Scoring






A = 0

A = 0

A = 5

A = 5

C + 2

C + 3

C = 4

C = 3

D + 3

D + 5

D = 2

D = 1

M + 10

M + 10

M = -10

M = -10

H + 10

H + 10

H = -10

H = -10


Defence Scoring


Your time remains the same but will change if your shots hit the C , D Zone, Miss or you hit the Hostage, this means the above points numbers will be added on to your original time and will be added together to get a total time.


Sport Scoring


Your time remains the same. Your points will be determined if you hit the C , D Zone, Miss or you hit the Hostage, this mean the above point system gets added up or subtracted if you miss, then it will be divided by your score to get your average hit factor.


Clay Pigeon


Over & Under – Pump Action – Side by Side – Semi Auto


We hope you have fun at the club and should you need any further assistants do not hesitate to contact us. Please like us on our facebook page for news and information.